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Based in Muskoka, Ontario, Aitken Frame Homes (AFH) offers an attainable housing solution to communities where access to affordable housing inventory is a fundamental issue.

Aitken Frame Homes (AFH) was designed by Kim Aitken, a structural design engineer. AFH has designed the world’s first hybrid building system that combines the benefits of prefabrication and the flexibility of onsite construction with structures that are consistently 20% stronger, 20-30% more energy efficient, and 20% less costly than traditional house builds. ​


The unrivaled and simplistic approach to the AFH design has created a buzz in the construction industry, taking a typical build process and exponentially improving its efficiency. AFH structures have flexible spatial configurations and work for a multitude of end-user requirements including; individuals who are landowners and want to build a family home, organizations with housing needs ie. schools and camps, government satisfying housing needs, not-for-profit organizations, and builders who own land and want to build on a larger scale. ​


Our business initiative, driven by a strong social mandate, is to disrupt the existing inflated real estate market through the rapid provision of new build, traditional style, single family dwellings for sale in the $225,000 - $350,000 CAD price point. Through a proprietary build process and design optimization, AFH builds homes that are: ​ ​

  • Two, three or four-bedroom (utilizing optimized layouts/floor plans for consistent efficiency)

  • Hyper-efficient (EnerGuide rated) with opportunity to become passive

  • Concrete-free, winter built

  • Attainably priced to purchase and affordable to maintain

  • Pre-engineered to expand

  • Designed to be built on land undesirable by traditional builders


AFH identified the Districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound as the target region to launch initial development in the early fall of 2018 and have constructed 16 units with 9 additional under construction. AFH Domestic expansion initiatives currently include Winnipeg, Northern Manitoba, Northern Ontario and Southern Alberta as well as an international presence scheduled for Ireland and New Zealand within the next 6-12 months.


AFH believes in a collaborative approach between the public and private sector by positioning its housing and home building projects to support strategic plans, economic development strategies and other issues impacting the development of privately owned land. “We are not property developers. We are problem solvers with a housing solution.” says Kim Aitken, founder of Aitken Frame Homes.

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