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The Aitken Advantage

We Build Real Homes.

"We are not a factory built home, we build traditional-style homes on-site using an innovative process. We do this in the winter using local skilled trades." ​ When combined with a steel foundation AFH structures are uniquely concrete-free, can be effectively winter built, are pre-engineered to expand, and can be constructed on all terrains including those less suited to traditional build methods such as bedrock, poor soil cohesion etc.



Give your home equity a lift. Aitken Frame Homes gives buyers an incredible advantage by being pre-engineered to expand. All Aitken Frame Homes are built with your growth in mind. Permits and systems are in place already, so when you really need extra space, Aitken Frame Homes can lift your house, creating a full floor of liveable square footage. And that's something you can take to the bank.


Cost savings. Save and manage your money through predictable household heating costs. We’ve designed an energy efficient house with 20% more insulation than normal building codes require. This translates to lower utility costs and less environmental impact. Plus, our innovative build process affords us the opportunity to construct homes up to 20% below local market pricing. Which make them attainable for just about everyone.


Customized Solutions

Pre-engineered frame design facilities expeditious builds and on-site construction maintains the flexibility to adjust to site specific anomalies.


A variety of floor plans are available from single family homes to medium-density multiplexes. The rapid build process allows for ease of scalability


Winter Built

Winter builds have their advantages. In Muskoka, building in winter means our homes are ready for market by the late Spring real estate season- one of the ideal times for people to get comfortable in Muskoka. ​


For cottage owners, this means more time enjoying your lakefront property in season. For Trades, Aitken Frame Homes provides steady employment opportunities in a market where seasonal unemployment is a fundamental issue.

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